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"When you heal and transform the Mind, 
the Body has no choice but to follow..."

Dr Carolyn Davis, Ph.D., LPC/MHSP

Meet Dr. Carolyn Davis

Hello, I'm Dr. Carolyn Davis, and I am the founder of Fortitude Premier Psychological Services and Sports and Performance Consulting. I am a licensed clinician with over fifteen years of experience, working with a wide variety of clients and their mental health concerns. My approach to treatment provision is holistic in nature. I integrate a multicultural perspective and approach to therapy, and I very much value the therapeutic relationship as one of the most significant factors for change; therefore, there must be a collaborative relationship between therapist and client. I believe that complete wellness involves the body, spirit, and mind, and when any of these interconnected systems are not healthy, the individual is not healthy. As a result, my approach to therapy seeks to address the balance of mental, emotional, and physical health so that you may live your best life!

I provide services to adult individuals, couples, and groups. You can read more about my background at

Educational Background
Dr. Davis received her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Tennessee State University, in Nashville, Tennessee. She also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology and Counseling respectively from Michigan State University. Dr. Davis received her doctoral clinical training and supervision from the Vanderbilt University Psychological and Counseling Center, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center-Psychiatry. She completed her clinical APA-approved internship at the University of Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services Center. Her post-doctoral clinical training was completed at the University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services, where she held the dual appointment of Staff Psychologist and liaison to the athletic department. 

Courage                       +

The quality of mind and spirit that enables a person to face danger, pain, or difficulty and overcome their fear. Courage is strength in the face of pain and adversity!

Resilience                       =

The capacity to recover from difficulties, the ability to be strong and tough. Resilience is the quality that allows some individuals to be knocked down by life and come back stronger!


The process of becoming whole and healthy again.