Therapy Pricing

A comprehensive breakdown of fees related to types of therapy sessions & scheduling.

Individual Therapy

$150 for 55 minute sessions
$175 for 75 minute sessions

Couples/ Multiple Partners/ Relationship Therapy

$200 for 75 minutes (required for first session)
$175 for 60 minute sessions
$225 for 90 minute sessions

Organizational/Team Consulting

Please contact me directly, so that I can clearly assess your needs and discuss fees for this particular service, which can be hourly, or per project.

After Hours Sessions

Sometimes emergency circumstances can occur, and some clients may need to request sessions outside of my regular therapy hours (i.e. after my available hours or after hours on a weekend). I am occasionally able to accommodate a limited number of these request. Please be aware that in doing so, I will add a $50 fee to any unscheduled weekend or after hours sessions conducted outside of my normal available hours.

Late Fees

At the time of service (at the start of session), full payment is expected, unless otherwise agreed upon. I will allow a grace period up until the end of that business week (if the session is on a Friday, full payment is expected at that time). After this time, there will be a $20 charge for late payments made. Unfortunately, I cannot permit clients to carry a balance of more than two sessions. If for some reason you are unable to pay the balance owed, we will need to discuss the course of continued treatment, or possibly pursue another strategy.

Fee Reduction/Sliding Scale

In the case of verifiable emergencies, I am able to offer reduced fees for those experiencing hardship or with reduced incomes. However, in situations such as this, I hope to hold these slots for current clients, who may be experiencing life transitions occurring during our work together. However, if overall my fee is a concern, and would potentially impact your ability to seek or continue services, please discuss it with me.

Cancellations, Missed Appointments and Late Arrivals

Cancelled, missed, or late arrival to appointments poses concerns for all parties involved. A large component of maintaining the integrity of the therapy relationship involves the mutual respect of one another’s time and engagement in doing the work. Once scheduled, I maintain your scheduled appointment time specifically for you and you alone. When a client no shows or cancels at the last minute, it is difficult to fill your slot on short notice; therefore, I charge for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice unless we can find another time to reschedule within a reasonable framework of time, that works for us both.


I do not currently accept insurance. However, I can and will provide you with a monthly billing statement for reimbursement if you wish to submit it to your insurance company.

Other Fees

If at any time you are engaged in legal proceedings that will require my participation, it is expected that you will be held accountable financially for my professional time and services. As this would be disruptive to my ability to service any other clients during this time, and may require additional preparation time, my fee is $250 per hour, to address any preparation or attendance for any legal proceedings. Billing/receipts will be provided upon completion of each expected attendance day, and payment is expected at that time, unless other arrangements or agreements have been made.

In rare circumstances, if we are unable to meet in person, I will do a phone session, but typically tele-therapy is for unusual situations, or if there is absolutely no alternative way in which we might meet and conduct a session. This happens, however, it is not a regular part of my practice.

Additionally, sometimes emergency circumstances can occur, and some clients may need to request sessions outside of my regular therapy hours (after my available hours or on a weekend). I am occasionally able to accommodate a limited number of these requests. Please be aware that I will add a $50 fee to weekend or sessions conducted outside of my regular available hours.