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Sports & Performance Services

What is Sports and Performance Psychology?

Dr. Douglas Hankes describes performance psychology as "...getting your head out of the way of your body, so that it can do the work it is trained to do." In fields where performance can make or break a career, high-pressure demands build up stress and anxiety. Often, these daunting expectations make navigating the process to mastery in these fields difficult to manage, and even cause the development of "mental blocks." As a clinician trained in both Clinical and Sport Psychology, my goal is to utilize specialized techniques and interventions in the field of mental health, which support and optimize the performance of a client and address the client's particular challenges and mental blocks. Whether the client works as a professional athlete, is a professional performer, manages a business or serves in other leadership roles, serves in the military, or does something else altogether, any of these clients could benefit from the "Be Better" mentality promoted in sports and performance psychology.

Dr. Davis addresses her work through a holistic approach by strongly supporting the belief that mental focus, preparation, and concentration, in partnership with related physical skill and talent are integral components of success in any performance!

Sports & Performance Services
  • Mind / Body Connection
  • Managing Performance Anxiety in High-Pressure Context
  • Individual and Team Consultation
  • Motivation, Focus and Concentration/Readiness for Play
  • Transition and Adjustment (i.e injury and retirement)
  • Anger-Management

  • Perfectionism and Performance
  • Intensity Management / Arousal Regulation
  • Sports Injury, Rehab & Burnout Concerns
  • Goal Setting and Mental Toughness
  • Clinical Issues Affecting Performance
  • Identity development concerns and intersections of athletic identity, culture, gender, etc.

Training Workshops

  • Workshops and Consultation Service Provision for all athletic related staff (i.e. coaches, athletic trainers, physicians/sports physicians, sports nutritionists, parents, athletic administrators, etc.)
  • Education and Training regarding Sports and Performance Psychology, Mental Fitness and Skill development, Mental Toughness, Enhancing Performance, and other related topics
  • Understanding the role of Sports Psychology and the collaborative relationship between Sports Medicine, Injury, and Rehabilitation

“Your mind will be like it's habitual thoughts, for the soul becomes dyed with the color of it's thoughts.”